You don’t know. 

When is this going to get easier?

Passionately Me

You don’t know what’s going on with me and I don’t know what’s going on with you. I imagine you are angry with me, lashing out with vile words to whoever will listen. I’m ok with that. At the end of the day you and I both know what has happened with us all these years. True, it wasn’t always bad. We had great days. We had amazing months. We had living years. But in between all the good we had some bad. Some horrible events have transpired between us. Things we both wish never happened have happened and now we are bothpaying the price.

You may think this is easy for me but let me educate you on something. I am a victim of domestic violence. What does that mean? It means even though I finally had the courage to take a stand I have times where…

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