The best blog post lead I’ve ever read

“We do not write in order to be understood; we write
in order to understand.” C.S.Lewis

“The writer keeps working, trying again: he believes
each time that this time he will do it, bring it off.
Of course he won’t.” William Faulkner

How do bloggers get followers to read their posts?

If we’re taking our precious time to write a Pulitzer Prize-winning post, don’t we expect followers to read it? Convincing readers to get to our amen, however, requires a hook. A grabber to pique reader curiosity.

Remember, we only have 4-5 seconds to draw them in.

Nothing draws readers into our posts more than a vibrant, well-written lead. After our title, our lead becomes the most important part of our post.

If our lead’s not sharp, concise and compelling,  some readers may click away. Our lead sentence needs to entice them to keep reading. A good lead convinces readers to think, “Wow! This is exciting. I wonder what this blogger’s talking about. Let me read the rest of this to find out what it’s about.”

If we spend the majority of our time crafting a good title, we need to spend the same time writing a good lead.

When I read this lead, I was hooked.

Sometimes a story falls into your lap.
Once, about a hundred pounds of apricots fell into mine.

Curiosity piqued my interest. I tried to envision a hundred pounds of apricots. The writer gave me a vivid mental image. I wondered what the writer was doing when they fell.

If we want to write great posts, let’s spend time writing a great lead.

We’ll be On Target every time.