Monster, monster go away 

Pressing charges on my abusive husband was the right choice. Doesn’t stop me from missing him at times. I just wait for the day where I don’t.

Passionately Me

Surprisingly, throughout this whole ordeal of finding my voice, the monster has been hibernating. Then again, I’ve been numb to most of my feelings the past month. Has it really almost been a month? I can’t believe we haven’t spoken, or touched. I remember how he would always tell me I would never get over him. I would never be able to tell him no.

Maybe he’s right. But I guess we’ll never know.

The monster returned today, briefly. I sat, acknowledged it’s presence, and moved on to some trivial task to take my mind off it. It worked, sort of. I guess I’m getting better at this.

I hate moments of weakness. Moments where I remember the good times, the taste of his lips, the feel of his hands in mine. I don’t want to miss him but after being with someone for so long how can…

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