Let’s haiku everyone!

One of my dear blogging friends, Tanya Cliff, writestanya-cliff-2 inspired and inspiring God-breathed posts. She also writes poetry. She’s partial to haiku. She says they’re her addiction. She calls haiku, “a writer’s brain on words.”

Just as Twitter demands our messages not exceed 140 characters, haiku requires writers to limit a haiku to three lines and 17 syllables. Five syllables in the first line, seven in the second and five in the third. For example,


Here are a few samples of Tanya’s original haiku

the past unfiltered? ~
ugly view, begs discarding ~
TRUTH: point – click – delete

seedling in the weeds ~
the gardener tends the flowers ~
herb plot’s quick demise

five – seven – five dance ~
by the bantam poem entranced ~
my toes tap haiku

My blogging friend Tonya is a gifted writer. She is well educated with a passion for Shakespeare and classic literature. I can’t claim the same admiration for the Bard or the classics. I cut my writing teeth reading F. Scott Fitzgerald, John Steinbeck, Hemingway and  some William Faulkner. As close as I got to an appreciation of poetry was reading Byron, Shelley and Keats in my required college lit classes. You can read more of Tanya’s writing and poetry on her blog at https://tanyacliff.com/

Tanya’s haiku piqued my interest in that art form again. So I thought, why not give my readers a chance to try their hand at writing haiku. I’ll try a few too.

As Tanya so adeptly opined, a haiku is, “a writer’s brain on words.” A haiku doesn’t need to make sense or have meaning to anyone but its author. Does a haiku move readers at their core? Will a haiku transform a reader’s outlook on life? Will haiku’s solve world problems? Probably not.  But Tanya’s haikus inspired me to 1)try to figure out what she wants to convey in them, and 2) write some of my own. Scroll down to see them.

I invite you all, in the comments today, to try your hand at writing a haiku or two. Writing haiku is one more way to encourage imagination, practice controlled brevity and hone your writing skills.

Christ died for my sins
He gave me eternal life
What a gift that is

Here’s a haiku from me
don’t mock my poetry please
I’m an amateur

I’m a writer guy
not a poetry guru
it’s prose I dig most

Go ahead, give us 17 good syllables.

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