Here’s the new BMU Writing Challenge

When words are both true and kind they can change the world.

I read and follow a diverse assortment of bloggers from a variety of occupations, ages, lifestyles and blog themes. Reading their “About” pages usually gives me a little inside perspective about who they are. But I’m in contact with my favorite bloggers–some by email, some by phone and email. We’ve had some awesome, thought-provoking, encouraging conversations and discussions together outside the BMU.  The more I know about my fellow bloggers, the more I appreciate them and their posts.

Here’s the challenge:

Write a post and publish it on your site about a blogger you follow and read. Then post a link to their site so we can get to know them better as well.

Here’s a link to my post on my For His Glory blog about one of my awesome, favorite bloggers, Dawn Gibson. Dawn Gibson’s blog makes delightful reading..

I’m encouraged every time I read her blog. Her posts are candid and revealing about her life, her relationships, her joys, her challenges, her mountains and her valleys.

Here’s a link to her blog, It Just Dawned On Me.  I know you’ll be blessed to read it and learn more about her.

I thought of this challenge when I read something on WordPress about increasing awareness and increasing followers. According to what I read, the more we include info about other writers on our sites (their thoughts and quotes, and internal links to their posts) the more traffic they’ll get on their site and the more traffic we’ll get on ours.

Now it’s your turn. Select a blogger you read and like. Then write a post with positive stuff about them. Be honest and encouraging. Lay the accolades on thick. Make them feel warm and fuzzy when they read what you wrote.

THINK ABOUT IT: Don’t you feel gooey inside when you pay someone a compliment? Or encourage someone with kind words of praise and gratitude? Don’t you feel all gooey when someone says or writes something encouraging about you?

Let’s spread a little cheer and encouragement around the BMU this week!

EDITOR’S NOTE: You may want to check out the hash tag #LikeFollowShare on the BMU. It encourages interaction between BMU bloggers in a similar fashion. And look for other cool writing challenges on the “Events” tab.