New Feature – Member Posts

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Have you ever wanted to browse through the most recent posts of our members?  Wished there was a nice list that keeps updating itself throughout the day with all of our member’s most recent posts, almost like an extension of the Bloggers Index?  I know a lot of you are really good about posting your newest posts on the site for feedback or when you are seeking answers to things.  Then there are others of you who are active on the site but probably don’t always put your own out there.

Well, that list has now been created!  It is a little project I have been working on for some time but never found the time to put it all together until now.  You can see in the sidebar the most recent 20 Member posts or you can follow this link to see the past week (  Ongoing you will be able to access it in the top menu bar titled Member Posts.

Finally, if look around and don’t see that your blog is showing up let me know and I will make sure your site is added to the list.

So what do you think?

My one disclaimer is that from my testing over the last 48 hrs, it seems that the feed on the Blogging Meetup site only updates every hour.  However, if you want to see more real-time information or search blogs by specific keywords you can access the site I host that generates the list (