Is dancing a sin?

My sweet, dingbat old lady blogging buddy, Suze and I were discussing the law and the church together recently. She shared a real-life situation about a small-town Texas church that called dancing a sin. The mayor of the town belonged to this congregation that believed dancing was from the devil. So the town passed an ordinance that forbid dancing in their town. All the members of the city council belonged to the same church as the mayor, so passing the ordinance was a slam dunk.

Here’s a writing challenge today: Write a post that defends the mayor and his town. Or write a post that opposes the mayor and the ordinance. Defending a strong belief or a life principle, or a value you hold dear is not as easy as some writers might think. It’s easy to say, for instance, that you’re pro-life or pro-choice and tell folks you are. If someone asks you, however, why you are pro-life or pro-choice, it takes more than a few cliches or pat answers to defend your belief.

If you’d like some food for thought, here’s a link to a post I wrote on For His Glory about dancing, Is it Christian to dance on Sunday?