My dear co-bloggers,

Wishing you all a happy April month, first week and a great Sunday..
The “A THING OF BEAUTY” is 807th post this Sunday story in for your pleasant read and response. Thanks.
Following posts were made during the week passed by:
1 01/04/17. 806th Universe- A Chariot on the Move Part 33…
.2. 31/3/17. 805th Paris Eiffel Tower on show 31/3/1889..
.3.30/3/17. 804th Resistance against Rowlatt Act 30/3/1919..
.4.29/3/17. 803rd Happy Ugadhi to you…
5.28/03/17. 802nd Weed Appreciation Day. 28/3/.
6.27/03/17. 801st. World Theaters Day 27/3
Soliciting your continued viewing and views.
N V Subbaraman