The Foiled Amour

The Foiled Amour is a tragic Love Story. I wrote this story as a part of the Blogging University Everyday Inspiration course. This is my first fiction writing. So I’d be very honored if everyone reads it and give me some constructive criticism and advice. It will help me improve my writing.
Thanks a lot. See you around 🙂

Jabid's Scrapbook

People often say that we do not appreciate the value of something when we have it. He was thinking if he had done the same mistake too. He was sitting all by himself, staring at nothing. He had so many emotions and thoughts cluttered inside him, still he could not focus on any particular emotion to feel. “What should I feel at this moment?”, he asked himself. But no one answered him. The “other voice” inside his head, which always joins him in thoughtful conversations, was silent for some reason. Maybe there were so many noises of the memories flying by, the other voice did not dare to speak.

There was a guilty feelings inside him though. He could feel it. There had to be. Why was he so much rough with her when she called the last time, when she wanted to see him for the last time. She…

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