Gluten denial

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So many people are in gluten denial.  They suffer from gas, bloating, and stomach upset, but still they don’t want to admit that their problem is gluten.

The same goes for dairy.  I had a co-worker that would eat yogurt every day, and then say she had an upset stomach.  I tried to explain to her that it was probably the dairy, but she would hear none of it.  “No, that’s not it.  I’m not lactose intolerant”, she would insist.

Instead of doing an elimination diet, and finding out for sure if gluten or dairy are the culprits, people will continue to suffer.  Why is this?

You should, of course, be tested for celiac before starting any elimination diet, but people refuse to do this also.  Even though it may cause them permanent damage.  Whether it is gluten or dairy allergy, intolerance, or celiac disease, you can’t ignore it and expect to live a happy or illness free life.

To state a famous quote, “Denial is a river in Egypt”.   And denial of a serious condition like celiac disease could get you a boat ride on the river Styx.


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