The Psy of Life: Two New Posts

Howdy y’all!

I’ve been fascinated by the tendency of people to vote against their best interests in democracies. We’ve seen it all around the world in fledgling democracies to the oldest democracy, but can it be explained so that it is understood? Can the explanation help lead us to a solution?

In The Republican Stooge Voter: The How & the Why Of It All I have collected annotated links to all of my articles on this topic, but I’ve also added a few more pieces to this complex puzzle.

Then, I went and wrote up another article on the topic — I’ve added it to the above — in which I analyze an example of the conning of the vote in action in real time. “Against this filth”: How Social Identity, Cognitive Ease, & Repetition Keep the GOP in Office

I know my biases are showing, but I’d appreciate a few words in the comments as to whether you think I’ve actually explained the tendency or if there are other pieces still missing. In other words, is it a convincing and satisfying explanation?