Life as a Single Mother

I’ve met a lot of people lately telling me they are a single parent. Come to find out, most of those people don’t know what a single parent is. Here’s my view.

Passionately Me

I was going to title this “Life as a Single Parent,” but I know nothing of what it’s like to be a single father. Truth is, all I know is what I’ve seen from the single mom’s around me and from what is now my life. Lets start by defining, in the best way I can, what a single mother or father is. Or better yet let’s say what it isn’t. A single parent is NOT a person who has kids and is not with their childrens father or mother. No. It’s much more than that. If you have children but are not actively in their life, or what have you– you are NOT a single parent. You are NOT a single parent if you have your kids every other weekend. No. That does not make you a single parent. You’re a parent sure, but you are not on your…

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