Why doesn’t he want me man?

A little thought on dead beat dads.

Passionately Me

Before you read my post I want you to watch this video. Even if you’ve seen it before. Watch. Then read.

The first time I saw this I was married to a man I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with. The first I saw this I was a mother who was the only one of my friends still with the father of her children. But behind that mask was deep sorrow. You see, I don’t believe my ex ever wanted to be a father. Truthfully, he told me numerous times he didn’t. He told me he couldn’t handle the responsibility. He couldn’t be a man. He walked out on our family last summer, way before the last incident. Way before I left him. He was gone. Not physically but mentally.

Seeing this now, after seeing the kind of man he has become, rips my heart into…

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