man stuff

this is man stuff
you’ve been warned
of the topsy turvy perpetual pissing contest that is machismo
too stained to bleach though

we still will
wear jeans with worn knees
with prints of Skoal cans on our bums
due to a single compliment

we conceal our carry
prepping for bouts of heroism
reminiscent of Wild West
high noon

calloused hands
marred from quantity of work mostly
having turned deaf ears to
reasoning in cute pumps

GPS is wrong
maps are wrong
and Brut and Old Spice are
staple fragrances that make musk almost bearable

my boots are dusty
and worn
and beat
and leaning
as well they should

we listen
we hear
a delayed response is time to process our feelings
as in touch
as in not emotions
as in not to be shown in excess

the spurts of which
make others aware of us being in tune with
our senses
hence the tears
with no sounds