My dear co-bloggers,

With greetings and wishes for a wish fulfilling Sunday!

Good morning. “TALE OF A BLOGGER PART 17” is this week’s Sunday story- 850th post in ENVIUS THOUGHTS in for your kind read and response. Thanks.

Following posts were made last week
1 13/05/17. 849th My HAIKU poems on SUMMER.
2. 12/05/17. 848th International Nurses Day
3. 11/05/17 .847th Universe= A Chariot on the Move Part 36
4. 10/05/17. 846th Journey to Freedom Part XII
5. 09/05/17. 845th Journey to Freedom Part XI.
6. 08/05/17. 844th. Oh, MY SWEETEST LOVE.
7. 08/05/17. 843rd Mothers’ Day is today.

Soliciting your continued viewing and views.

N V Subbaraman