New tip to improve your WordPress Blog

When regular reading messages in WordPress reader, it strikes me that there are only few people using the Google Translate Widget.

Nocht Hans if you make this widget you can reach a much wider audience than just in your own language, even in English.

So, here today to explain how you can accomplish this on your blog quickly and easily

  1. Login to your admin panneel your site
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Go to widgets
  4. Search Google Translate
  5. Move it to the place that seems most appropriate for you (I think right in the SiteBar)
  6. Click Publish
  7. And … ..uw site can be read in more than 110 languages


If you have a blog with a Full-Page With where SiteBar only in Entries can be opened and therefore is not immediately visible, follow these steps

  1. Do just the same as above
  2. Open your site in the browser on Blog Posts
  3. Let alone this, copy the widget (Translator Tool)
  4. Open edit your welcome page
  5. Set above the first line a number XXXXXX
  6. And paste that your widget
  7. It is important that you first make these XXXX and above your widget stick to then erase the xxxxxx, I will not explain here why, but it is technically necessary to do so, or else your page all distorted in publishing this adjustment

See following link how it looks when you come on the Blog

on dewelkomstpagina


Theo Herbots from #Tienen

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