My dear cobloggers,

Have a happy Sunday!
Good morning. It is “VISITOR’S VOICE PART VI” in ENVIUS THOUGHTS in for your kind read and response.
Thanks.Today my Blog is on its 800th day and 864th post.
Following posts were made last week
1 27/05/17. 863rd. Pandit Nehru’s Death Anniversary…
2. 26/05/17. 862nd Song of a dog.
3. 25/05/17 .861st World Thyroid Day.
4. 24/05/17. 860th Song of a Donkey.
5. 23/05/17. 859th World Turtle Day..
6. 22/05/17. 858th. Young Rajiv the great. .
Soliciting your viewing and views.
N V Subbaraman