Can You See Me Here?

When the words come you have to be ready to drop any and everything and just let them out. I can’t keep the words inside me forever. They sit and stir and eat me alive. So here is what came to me today. In a moment. And through tears and broken breaths I sat and I wrote and I let it out.

LALa’s Musings

Can you see me here?
I am writhing from the pain of not having you near.
Breathless and shaking, succumbing to my fear.
I need you like I need air.
But you are not here…

Can you see me here?
I’m waiting and waiting for you to acknowledge me
praying and hoping that you see just a part of me.
How can you see me if you choose not to look?
Just open your eyes, I’m easy to read, like a book.
There’s pages to turn and chapters to burn,
are you looking now?

Can you see me here?
Wishing and hoping for only a kiss,
to help reminisce
all the time that we’ve missed.

Can you see me here?
I’m lying in bed twisted in sheets,
wanting to rub my fingers through your hair,
it’s making me weak.

This silence is killing me,
and you are not seeing me.
I’m a…

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