How to write better.

It’s simple. To write better, write more.
There’s a writing axiom that’s true every time.  The more you write, the better at writing you become.

I write every day. Not always blog posts. Not always scholarly masterpieces.  Lots of times I write short notes to myself.  I scribble ideas I have for possible posts. I paraphrase ideas from devotionals. I write emails. I write lots of email responses.  I have this app in my smartphone called Smart Recorder. Just by pushing a button it will record my random thoughts, reminders and sermon messages I listen to.

You name it, I’ve probably written it.  I always have awrite better device in hand to scribble on. I keep a three-ring binder by my keyboard. I’m half-way through my fourth binder in two years. They’re all full of notes, quotes, website links, phone numbers, addresses, confirmation numbers, new vocabulary words, addresses, recipes, stupid jokes, trivia, Bible verses, personal reminders.

I love to dig out the old notebooks. I stroll through the pages to see what I was doing at a time in life. I like to read to see what God was doing in me and with me at certain times.

I imagine I spend more time writing in my notebooks than I do writing blog posts.

If you’re already writing more in your notebooks or journals or diaries, good for you. If you’re not, why not try it? Who knows? You might like it. You may even notice your writing improving after you’ve written more for awhile.

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