A Post About What To Title My Next Post

I have an amazing story to tell, but I just can’t choose a suitable title. I humbly ask for your opinions:

The Story: An incredible, unbelievable display of persistence resulting in … a success against all recommendations (AKA really, hope), and a follow-up “God Thing” (a message) that just adds to my list of reasons to believe.

The Contending Titles:

You Can’t Always Get What You Want – Or Can You?
In which I describe a situation (confidentially, of course) where an individual’s amazing display of “persistence” resulted in a “success” (of sorts), which, upon further consideration, turns out to be real true hope (or an allegory of hope), but at a terrible personal cost IMHO…

This (crazy/foolish) sense of (crazy/foolish) hope
In which I describe my revelation that persistence and hope are, indeed, the same thing – or more closely related than I had previously thought, with a punch-line proving God is – though I’m not sure where the “crazy/foolish” part really fits in…

Really Real Reason #nnn For Believing in God
In which I focus more on the after-the-fact incident (the “God Thing”) as one of a series of God Things throughout my life reinforcing my faith. (And by the way, I turn 55 next month. I’ll have lived 20,075 days at that time, each one a miracle in itself. By “Really Real” I’m narrowing the list down to those above-and-beyond divine interventions.)

So, which one of these titles would catch your attention enough to stop and read? (And no, I’m not against three posts about the same event! 😉 )

With gracious thanks,
Marshall at Sharing God’s Story