When they like you they tell you. . .

via Daily Prompt: Uniform

It was still dusk.  The alarm buzzed, I drug myself from to the bed to the shower.  I stood in my carpeted walk-in closet wondering what to wear today.  I spent most of my time styling my hair and applying foundation.  I knew they would critique every detail of my appearance.  They would rather stare at what I looked like and what I was wearing than hear me speak about literature or grammar.

It was mid-morning and the caffeine was starting to coarse through my veins.  I was on a roll.  My hands were moving a mile a minute, I scanned the room to make eye contact, and used vocal variety to capture attention.  Finally, after a couple of deep breaths I asked them the cognitive question.  A student raised her hand.  I was thrilled.

“Did you know you have two different shoes on?” she seemed compelled to say it but embarrassed at the same time.

“Oh, at least they are the same color,” I tried to laugh.