Okay…for all techno geeks and…

Okay…for all techno geeks and geekettes…I have yet another question and neither my son (the actual geek) or his daughter (the serious geekette) is available to answer…….so here it is.
I created an instagram account and actually managed to connect to the blog and fb (I am so proud of me)…now, how do I post a picture? it is, after all, a photo sharing type of social media thingy. Is this one of those things that if the picture doesn’t come from a phone then there’s no way to upload it? So did I just waste three hours connecting things that ultimately I can not use since I own a phone…it’s JUST a phone. It doesn’t even leave my desk due to the wires! Any and all answers to any of the above questions highly appreciated, even if they don’t help the situation!