#dailydiscussions Hello, I have had…

#dailydiscussions Hello, I have had the opportunity to have a wonderful guest post on my blog.
Sweet Tea and Jesus
Here with me, today guest posting is Steve Sawyer. He has more than three decades of experience as a writer, editor, reporter, technical writer and writing teacher. He graduated from Auburn University in Montgomery, Alabama with a degree in journalism studies. He and his wife Marie, co-parent their two granddaughters, four and seven.

He sings in his church choir and remains active in his men’s prayer group. Since he retired in 2010 he enjoys writing for his family-friendly, Christ-centered blog Monday through Friday. He is passionate about writing to help readers know, understand, believe, and live out of their true identity in Christ. click link to read more

Sweet Tea and Jesus http://rosaryandredsox.com/guestpostsweetteajesus2599-2/#