Paramore’s New Album Makes Depression Sound Good

Sher The Truth

After four long years, Paramore is back. The new album After Laughter is a shift from their adored pop-punk sound, but if there’s one thing Paramore excels at, it’s staying on top.

While other early-2000 pop-punk bands have fallen by the wayside, Paramore thrives through tactful reinvention. In their 2013 self-titled album, we began to see a shift in direction toward a more pop sound in hit songs like “Ain’t It Fun” and “Still Into You.”

Now, that change has turned into a revolution in After Laughter which is a fusion of sonic 80s instrumentals (i.e., Talking Heads) with contemporary nuances.

Despite the incredibly refreshing sounds, what really sticks out on this album are the lyrics. They’re some of the darkest we’ve seen from the band.

The lyrics are a stark contrast to the upbeat sound of the record, yet there’s something oddly comforting about dancing to…

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