Do we care about how we write?

Recent studies suggest that good writing is on the decline. You can read bad writing in every genre, from novels to newspapers, from countless blogs to comic books. Nico Ryan, a content writer in the Writing Cooperative  “claims, “Mounting data suggest that the writing skills of many Americans are inadequate at present and worsening over time.”

My English teachers in high school were task masters. I always believed they were ex-Marine drill sergeants. We spent entire classes standing at green chalk boards diagramming sentences. We learned parts of speech and their functions. We knew sentence types and how they worked.  When we graduated we knew English.

They don’t teach English the same way today and it’s a shame. Kids don’t know English or writing skills and how to use them.

What about us bloggers? Not that we’re all English majors or trained linguists or avaricious readers. Do we care how our writing comes across to our readers? Do we use spell check? Do we check our verbs for correct antecedents?

Do we care about our writing and how it reflects on us? Or does it even matter?

Here’s a link to a story I read on the Writing Cooperative, called 5 writing strategies that work?  How many, if any of them, do we use in our writing? How many of us truly care about how we write?  We bloggers have opportunities every day to impact all those who visit here to read us, with [good] writing we care about and our hearts that move us to share with our readers.



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