Trailer Trash: “Blind”

Ratty & Mole


Demi Moore looks drawn and tight and so does Dylan McDermott. I guess they play some type of Madoff inspired couple, where Dylan McDermott is the real criminal mastermind and Demi Moore with those pursed lips and that tightened face  is his hapless wife,

He gets punished big time, but her punishment may even be worse. She has to read books out loud to a blind Alec Baldwin! And from the trailer, the books read like they were scooped from an E.L. James slush pile. It’s hard to say whether  Alec and Demi do it. That may have brought crowds into the theatre years ago, but now? I doubt it. He does feel her face and she does blindfold herself and feel his face, but is that all the audience will get?  I’ll tell you what’s more exciting: the promise of elder abuse! Dylan McDermott’s character suited up like…

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