hypermasculinization of Us (Black Men)


Hyper-masculinity can be loosely defined as a psychological term to describe male stereotypical behaviour with emphasis placed on physical strength, aggression and sexuality.

Boys don’t cry. We’ll start off with this one. one of the biggest myths taught to young boys who eventually become men to define their masculinity and differentiate between themselves and women. the problem with this lies with the fact that it juxtaposes feminine and masculine qualities for the purpose of dividing and labeling. The denial of the perfectly human act of releasing emotion is seen to be feminine and therefore opposed to masculinity.

Black men in our history have been converted into hyper-masculine beings that show no feminine traits. Any signs of such feminine traits render us “not a real man” and even as far as a “bitch”. This thought process is essential to the upkeep of idea and the continued unrealistic standards that black men…

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