My dear co-bloggers,

(1) ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1, 02,000 views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 122nd view at 23.30 hours yesterday viz Saturday the 12th August 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS crossed ONE LAKH AND TWO THOUSAND (1,02,000) on the 876th day and 941st post from more than 210 countries around the world, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty.

(2) Good morning. “CPC MEET JULY 2017” is in ENVIUS THOUGHTS Sunday story in for your kind read and response. Thanks.

(3) Dear all,
Good morning and have a nice Sunday followed by holy Sri Krishna Janmashtami and Indian Independence Day..
“CPC Mrrt July 2017” is the Sunday Story this week in Envius Thoughts in (942nd post) for your kind read and response. Thanks.
The following posts were made during the last week
1.12/8/17. 941st International Youth Day
2.11/8/17. 940th Journey to Freedom Part 20.
3.10/8 17. 939th August 10-International Biodiesel Day
4.09/8/17 938th August 9th-International Day of the Worlds’ Indigenous People.
5 08/8/17. 937th Journey to Freedom Part 19.
6 07/8/17 936th National Handloom Day
Thanks for your support for the Blog. Kindly continue. Thanks
With regards.
N. V Subbaraman.