Hey all you bloggery buddies!…

Hey all you bloggery buddies! I wanted to make a suggestion and get some feedback.

Clare, a blogger that has been here for a while is thinking about leaving and in the discussion I mentioned a few things. I personally do not wish for people to leave, and think I may have a solution to the problem.

This conversation page was created for us to share ideas, just get to know each other, provide each other with suggestions and answers. Instead it has become a place where people are sharing their entire posts. When we first started, it was to share LINKS to posts, ask questions and receive assistance from others, or just a place to share our lives with each other.

So, can we discuss how to bring back the sharing? How to bring back the conversations? Each of us has a link to every single one of our posts on the member Posts page.

Click that tab at the top right and you will see them. Since that is the case, can we all agree to just share LINKS here and forgo the writing of the entire post?

Can we have this one page for sharing conversations instead? What do you all think?