Gee thanks JoyfultoBee for getting…

Gee thanks JoyfultoBee for getting me to start this off…no kidding. I am thankful. This community for me started out as an online blogging course and changed into so much more. This site was for us to still connect with our classmates..a place to share, to brag, to weep and sorrow and have others interact with us. It has been a blessing..and an extreme annoyance at times.

So, here’s a question to get a conversation started..
How would you describe the “perfect” community chat page to others just coming in; what kinds of posts would you expect to see?

For me, I would love to see things along the lines of a VERY brief explanation of a post you have written or read with a link..then a question about it. Get people reading what interests me and receive feedback, both positive and negative.