Rocks For Cancer Patients

The project began about four months ago and I don’t foresee an end in sight. The blue wire basket sits on the table by the pharmaceutical window at the cancer center. It holds painted rocks with inspirational saying written on them in paint pens. Some rocks have hearts and flowers drawn on them because I don’t claim to be an artist. 

The basket has never been full. It stands 24″ tall and to give you a better idea, it could probably hold 12 loaves of French bread. It’s a beautiful thing to all of the colors combined in one place. The basket is inviting and screams in a whisper, “Choose one!”

I visit the cancer center two times a week to drop off rocks. I try to keep enough there to supply all of the chemo patients who’d like to have one. I’ve been informed that they hold them during treatment. Some folks have cried and claimed that they believe that one particular rock had to have been made just for them. 

I will be dropping off rocks this Friday but I’ll also be there as a patient. It’s my two year check up. Yes, four days from now is my Cancerversary. The doctor will take blood and examine my body to check for any new changes. I’m aware that my cancer could spread as it had made it’s way to one of my central lymph nodes but I’m not worried. I’ll never be scared of this disease. I’m going to do my best with the rest of my life.