Spotlight Series: Kandace Miggins

It’s great to see young women with an entrepreneurial spirit!

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Kandace Kandace Miggins

Photographers have the gift to see beauty in the smallest details. Kandace Miggins, is one of those photographers. Her photos are not only clean-cut, but they capture pure bliss. With her signature afro, and camera in tote, Kandace is ready to take on the world.

Kandace Miggins was raised in south suburban country Club Hills Illinois. At 25 years old, she is a photographer with her own business, teacher, graduate student and a college graduate. Talk about busy!

“I’ve always been engaged in the arts from a young age. I was always drawing, taking pictures, designing houses on the Sims (Yes that counts!), playing instruments, making slide shows, making videos, flyers, etc. I used to sell CDs, lemonade and bracelets in front of my mama’s house. I studied music education and jazz studies at Northern Illinois University. I graduated with a bachelor’s in Jazz Studies. I’m currently in a teacher residency…

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