Mountain or Beach ?

Hi everyone ! 🙂
So are you a mountain person or a beach person ?

the drifting satellite

Greetings Earthlings ! 😊

This in response to the Daily Post’s One-Word Prompt. Today’s word is : Rhyme

Here’s my impromptu mini rhyme on the title subject:

The mountain and the beach talked heart to heart,

Both extremely proud of their frequent recognition in art,

The beach happily exclaimed, “I am the king of contrast !”

The mountain smirked in response and said “Do you see that massive shadow I cast ?”

A mountain person or a beach person, which one are you they ask ?

You may love both, but picking a favorite is a grueling task. 

The Bay of Bengal

Alamparai Beach Fort, East Coast Road, Tamil Nadu,India


The Himalayas

Manali-Leh Highway, Jammu and Kashmir, India

P.S. My heart tells me I’m a mountain person !

I’d be happy to know which one you are … ? 🙂

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