Passion led us here

Life is constantly reminding us of its richness and complexity, independently of our current state of mind, whether we are bored or unhappy with our present situation. The moment we wake up, our stream of consciousness is back, together with our identity and memory. Although these memories may not be pleasant, every day provides us with new opportunities to change our stories and the way we look at life. We can approach life with awe, wonder and love, or with bitterness, broken spirit and hatred, or with numbness, somewhere in between. This choice is made over and over again and it can go in both ways, depending on many every day circumstances, but it is important to remember that we have a choice.

Love does not have to be tied to any particular person, possession, profession, success, it can be seen as a state of mind that we intentionally cultivate in our minds in order to live  our live through more profound experiences. When you spend some time in nature, it is much easier to evoke these warm feelings of contentedness with the Earth and other living creatures. Or when you are completely emerged into an activity you enjoy, reading an interesting book or watching an exciting movie…


From the moment we were born to our very last moment, something remains the same in us. We never truly grow old in our mind, we might feel the weight of many memories, but the same consciousness that looked through your eyes when you were a little child arises from your eyes when you are 80 years old, as well. You can feel a bit more cranky as the years pass by, your body is changing, the world around you is changing, nevertheless, remember that you are the same observer despite the changes. Thus, love and passion can be reborn time and time again, there is no real limit nor boundary.

Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young.

Dorothy Canfield Fisher