The Silent Killer: Cancer

I have a love hate relationship with my Facebook memories. They remind me of how precious live really is. I woke this morning to find a precious picture of my daughter and I the day she graduated AIT. I was so proud of her that day.

The dark reality of this photo is, I had cancer and none of us knew it at the time. The doctors suspect it started growing four years prior to this beautiful moment captured in this photograph. The horrific blow would be dealt to me just three years later and I’d have to learn how to play the hand I was dealt.

I fight for life. I fight for the love of my family and friends. I fight each day to speak out and keep all of you on your toes. I fight to reach out to the hurting, the living and those dying from cancer. I silently scream out through these typed words, “You can do this! Keep fighting! If you are near the end, please know that your journey has impacted so many lives!”