She Had to Have an Abortion, but I Won’t Let It Happen to You.

We Been Here

I recently read an article on The Tempest titled, “I never thought I’d have to get an abortion as a Muslim woman- until the day I did”. The article physically hurt me. Reading this poor girl’s story, was one I wasn’t prepared for. I can’t imagine what the comment section looks like on that post. The judgement, the anger at this sister. I pass my love to this poor sister. We failed her. The Muslim community failed her. In her article, she talks about emotional abuse, manipulation, and about the lack of knowledge of sex and protection.

This summer, I met with my colleagues in the Health & Wellness Center at my University. They were going over their plans for the year and asking for how they could be supportive to our spaces. The conversation than shifted to what could we do to better reach all of our…

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