Blacks Slay from the London Fashion week.

There are some hot trends going on this year!

Diary Of A Black God

“The London Fashion Week and our Black Culture”

The London Fashion Week had so much glamour and creativity. The melanin goodness from participants was just too much to bear. There was this idea of spring is here feel that we saw through their pictures. Once again, black brothers and sisters were able to dress fluidly and be creative. Ask me about the London Fashion Week and I’d tell you that I kept my eyes glued to the back people. Here are some pictures:

  • The Shiny blazer style

img_5872 London Fashion Week picture review

This style completely dazed our mind because it was far from what we expected from the Spring 2018 special designers. We’d like to call this style audacious and bold.

  • Top Bra, Half Skirt and Jacket Show: We had Lameka Fox on this one. Her elegance and style left us breathless on the London Fashion Week. Who else noticed…

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