The best dancer on the dance floor is the one having the most fun

A lot of people will tell you how to live your life. How will you know my journey if you haven’t walked in my shoes? Who told you that YOUR way was the right way? I hate being told what to, hate it; this doesn’t really sit well with a lot of followers. I use the term ‘followers ‘ because some people have resigned their life’s purpose without even realizing it. They are living based on other people’s life experiences and limitations not their own! Therefore they are merely following… If there is anything to take from people’s experiences is this , the experience is theirs! Just that! Theirs! How many people want to go into business, lose weight, travel, follow their passions but don’t? If you try to find out why; the answers are the same; did you see what happened to her? She lost everything! It didn’t last! That’s irresponsible! They said it can’t be done. Following your passion is something you do when you are ‘slowing down’. 

They will tell you “work at this awful job and have a realistic plan’. What if you die today? What do you tell your 15 year old self? What will you tell God for squandering his gifts? I was being realistic? According to who? You belittled your dreams to suit people? What about your gift to the world? Don’t you think you have something grand to offer? You are made in the image of God!!!! Let that sink in….

By all means, listen to other people’s advice. Take what resonates with your soul and go have an adventure. Go dancing and face fun, you may not be the best dancer in the dance floor but who cares? Pick yourself up and try again!