Visiting Agra? Expect it Lower than Budgeted.

Saint Monk

I am writhing this post late. I have my own reasons, which is forgetfulness to write down my travel diaries because I am writing something different for myself or on this blog.

Since I am an Airline Professional I got rock bottom cheap airfare travel from Mumbai to Delhi and then I traveled Agra via an Ola Outstation Service Car which charged us just about INR 3000/- for a very long 4 hours journey. The city of Agra is amazing. Its bustling and not quiet, unlike Goa and other tourism places. Its semi-clean, cool air soft breeze, loving people. I visited in the month of March and it was a journey which I will never forget.

If I had been in Goa the rickshaw drivers would have charged me more than INR 2000/- for a full day tour, but here it happened at an extremely low price a cost so…

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