Psychotic Sources

Yesterday I mentioned a technique I use when I have writer’s block.  I fall back on my passion, the one subject I can think about and analyze at any time.

For me, It’s Depression.  Depression has been the ‘elephant in the corner of the room’ since I was 9 years old.  That little secret that you hope no one notices until finally, you realize it’s part of who you are, and must be dealt with.

Recently I’ve been using a couple of sources more, and more.  Since nearly everyone either has issues they struggle with or has a friend who is struggling, I will list my sources here.

Dr. Perry Phd. 

Dr Perry is well read, articulate, and very straightforward.  His articles are well worth reading.

Psych Central

Psych Central has a very good forum, lot’s of innovative personality tests, and can even put someone in touch with a professional in their area.

180 rule

180Rule is a very thought-provoking site.  Written by an individual using the psuedonym’Skylar”.  (The name Skylar is Dutch and means “guarded scholar” or “protection through knowledge)  Having experienced the trauma of a significant other with severe personality disorders, Skylar has researched and written many articles about Rene Girard’s Mimetic Theory.  The goal is to stop episodes of abuse in victims’ lives and prevent the cycles of abuse from being passed to the generations who follow.  For more about Rene Girard see: