My dear cobloggers,

Wishing a happy and serene Sunday!
Good morning. This week’s Sunday Story in ENVIUS THOUGHTS is “ONION IS NOT H2O!” in for your kind read response,encouragement and support. This is 1036th post.. Thanks.
The following posts were made during the last week.
1 11/11/2017.1035th Infinitheism Day is today.
2.10/11/2017.1034th Young Readers Day
3.09/11/2017 1033rd Spiritual Retreats..
4 08/11/2017 1032nd Historic Day in Indian Economy.
5 07/11/2017 1031st. Madam Curie Birth day is today..
6.06/11/2017 1030th Abe.Lincoln becomes President (6/11).
With regards.
N V Subbaraman