What I like about Wintertime :)

Finally we get a little taste of winter with a small amount of snow (in DC).  What I like about winter is the cold weather.  Now I’m not saying that I like being cold, but I like the closeness it can bring.  You snuggle a little closer to someone, family, friends, significant others.  You seek out the warmth in others, at least I do.  When I think of cold, snowy weather I tend to romanticize it, I think of hot chocolate by a blazing fire place in a ski chalet, something I’ve never done.  But when we get a snow that closes down the city, that is just as good for me, i’m one of those folks in the story buying up everything I think I may need and a few things I don’t.  I make sure to have the staples, milk, bread, water, Beer, Wine, batteries, candles (flameless candles are awesome).  Got my movies all lined up, and i’m walking around in the warmest pajamas and mix match socks.  So this small amount of snow yesterday was NOTHING, bring on the big stuff.

Anyway, just thought I would take a few minutes to write my thoughts down, what are some of your winter things to do?