My dear co-bloggers,


Since the launch of the Blog on 28/2/2015, day’s overall views at 11.30 hrs-less than the first 12 hours the day registered 536 views.

Some of the highlights:

1. Highest view score in less than 12 hours of the day: 536
2. ‘Achieved on the 1053rd day and 1101st post.
3. Over all score crosses 1,25,000 -ONE LAKH AND TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND- mark
4. Shortest time taken for 1000 views-just less than FOUR DAYS
I thank Tamil Saint Poet Thiruvalluvar- today is his day- post is titled  “TIRUVALLUVAR DAY IS TODAY”. I am grateful to the Goddess of Learning, WordPress, MY ESTEEMED VIEWERS from more than 210 countries of the world.
With regards
N V Subbaraman