Dad’s Mistake, but not God’s. My Salvation Story.

A wonderful story of a talented young man. Definitely worth sharing.

Sterling's Records

Awhile ago I put up a video on my twitter (@LordRecord) titled ‘How I got saved in 60 seconds..’. The response was amazing, but everyone was saying the same thing. ‘We need the full story!!!’. So twitter this one is for you, and yes that baby in the picture is me 🙂

Where it all Began

I wasn’t one who was raised in church, not at all. I was actually born an accident (which I found out later) and as with many accidents or anything you’re unprepared for, It can cause a lot of problems. My parents didn’t really see eye to eye and separated when I was very young. Young enough not to remember what my dad looked like growing up, I don’t even remember ever seeing a picture of him or anything. All I knew is that I was named after him. That’s right, I’m Sterling…

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