Life As A Paradox

Something I really enjoyed!

Mountains Unmoved

My temperament test results have always been a bit perplexing.

The first time I ever took the test was with my FOCUS team at Benedictine College. We took it at the start of the year to have a better understanding of how we all were wired in order to facilitate stronger teamwork, better dialogue, greater empathy, etc.

Temperaments are distinct from personality and more specifically refer to our natural preferences and tendencies; to how we react to things.

  • Sanguine – the life of the party, enthusiastic, fun-loving, outgoing.
  • Melancholic –  the perfectionist, sensitive, thoughtful, quiet.
  • Choleric – the natural leader. determined, energetic, goal-oriented.
  • Phlegmatic – the peacemaker, easy-going, calm, chill.

That year, one girl on my team scored highly Sanguine while another was very Melancholic. My results basically implied a was an equal split of all four traits across the board. I remember coming away from that meeting a bit alarmed…

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