Stories & Support

Hello everyone,

I’ve realized that my poetry is more popular on this blog than my actual stories, so I’ve decided to move my stories to my patreon.

It’s easier for me to focus on writing poetry for free here because it makes me happy to see people enjoy my work,  but to also spend more energy on stories when I know that they’ll be read on a platform that supports me financially as well as the enjoyment of having people read my work.

The stories will include ones that I’ve had on this blog and whatever new stories I create in the future, on a variety of topics including romance, spirituality, and my own personal experiences in Africa and in the U.S, so if you’re interested please check them out! And support me if you can.

This is my patreon for everyone interested!

I hope that my stories are worth your time and support to read.

Thank you,

Ta An