Teak Arms- Stephen Fuller

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This week I revisit the poem that rebooted my writing after a period of prolonged absence following the passing of my father.  My brother sent me a writing challenge from a friend of his: write a love poem to your boat for valentine’s day.  I wrote this:

Teak Arms

Come and nestle into the nook you chose
Along my gunwale. Rest. I wrap my teak
Arms around you to fend off night. Trace your
Legend between stars, twinkling as they do.

Today, you sacrificed ashes of life
To the Father tormenting your journey
Home. The dust will not heal your wounds or His,
But appeasement will blind him long enough –

His people invite you to the Phaeacian
Feast to hear the substance of your toils.
They lift you up on deck of their swift ship
Sail you home to the Faithful and Longing.

The planks of my own arms…

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