Voices in my Head

Lately, I’ve been hearing voices, having full conversations in my head.  I thought I was going a little crazy or experiencing some type of psychotic episode.  Well actually I have been writing a lately and the voices are actually characters in different stories that are talking in my head.   I’m excited and scared at the same time.  I mean, I’m happy that the stories are trying to come together, but they are also talking over each other and I have to constantly write thoughts down before the next character starts to talk.  Example, I’m writing a story that came from my visit to Virginia Beach.  My hotel was on the beach and my room had a nice view of the ocean but the balconies was attached.  My room was located on the 7th floor, with was just awesome, but it felt creepy keeping my sliding patio door open.  I kept thinking that someone would climb over the attached balcony rails and come into my room.  I did notice a few folks on my floor and a neighbor next door.  Laying in my bed in the dark with the curtains and my sliding door slightly opened, I told myself I can’t fall asleep like this because someone might come into my room.  So at some point, I got up and reluctantly closed and locked the door.  Throughout my nice quiet, peaceful weekend nothing happened but I couldn’t get the thought about that balcony and how all the rooms were connected, someone could just cross that small gate.  Thus a story formed in my head, suppose someone was at a party that got out of control, and the only way out was the balcony?  They had to climb over each balcony to get away and hope that someone left their sliding door open and would allow them to escape from their room.  Well, that thought alone has developed into a story.  Shay the woman who escaped by climbing over the balcony is going through some tough problems, Lance the guy whose room she crawled through is shocked and mad at the situation since his friends are the one Shay is running from. Jaden is the guy who attacked and locked Shay in the bedroom but she was able the hit him where it hurts the most and break a lamp over his head.  When he is found in his room knocked out, his friends laugh at him and tease him.

That is just one story with characters that talking…..I need another vacation at the beach to just write…..