African Divination

I am of Afro-Scandinavian heritage, but right now I will be talking about my African heritage specifically and how it relates to my divination practice.

My family on my father’s side comes from West African, specifically Senegal and Guinea. We are seers. We are able to listen to our intuition and seek guidance from our divinations. My grandmother, and my namesake, Batouly, was a seer of great power. I use this power when I do my oracle card readings and have surprised my friends with my accuracy and insight. I have an Etsy shop where I am selling readings using Egyptian based Isis Oracle Deck cards, and mystic Islam based Rumi Oracle Deck cards. I also sell jewelry that is handmade by me, using natural stones that carry their own energy and properties and are charged with my energy, in addition, to add to their power.

Using my African heritage in my divinations I think adds a new depth to oracle readings that’s not usually seen. I connect with the cards on a deeper level because of my background and therefore my readings are more in tune with my intuition and my power.

You should check out my shop and see if you’d like a reading for yourself, or if you’d like handmade jewelry that act both as talismans and adornment.

Have a blessed day,

Ta An