My dear fellow-bloggers,

With greetings for a successful Sunday!
Good morning. This week’s Sunday story (1209th post) in Envius Thoughts is “ARK ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS Part II” in for your kind read and response. Thanks.
Following posts were made in the week just gone by:
1 28/04/2018. 1208th International Dance day 29th April.
2.27/04/2018. 1207th National Day of Silence.27th April…
3.26/04/2018 1206th World intellectual Property Day 26th April.
4 25/04/2018 1205th World malaria Day 25th April.
5.24/04/2018 1204th Fashion Revolution Day 24th April…
6.23/04/2018 1203rd English Language Day 23rd April..
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N V Subbaraman